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What's New with WisBuild?

WisBuild ver 1.5 Released, Aug 2010
Users Impacted: All DSF Users
For a review of changes under ver 1.5, see the WisBuild ver 1.5 Training PowerPoint slides.

New Project Status: 'Field Closed', May 2007
Users Impacted:  All DSF Users
A new project status will be added to WisBuild, entitled 'Field Closed'.  This new status will be applied to all projects after Substantial Completion once all construction contracts have been closed.  DSF Administrative Services will be responsible for changing the project status from 'Substantial Completion' to 'Field Closed' after the final completion datehave been applied to all construction contracts.   Project Managers will view projects in both 'Substantial Completion' AND 'Field Closed' on their Project Closeout list in WisBuild.  DSF Construction Reps will no longer view projects in 'Field Closed' on their Project Selection Screen dropdown list (they will however be able to manually search for these projects). The new 'Field Closed' status was developed to better identify the status of projects nearing closure and to better determine whether or not there are pending items required by the Contractor(sand/or the DSF Construction Rep.   As a review, see the Project Status Definitions document.

Selection of 'Reason Category' for Construction Bulletins, May 2007
The selection of the 'Reason Category' for Construction Bulletins will initially be made by the Construction Rep during the 'acceptance' of contractor quotes. PMs will continue to have the ability to modify the 'Reason Category at 2 separate points AFTER the Reps initial categorization; 1.) when 'approving' the contractor CB quotes as accepted by the Rep and 2.) when releasing new Change Orders containing CBs as sent by the AE. As a result of this modification, PMs will no longer view the 'Reason Category' field when first receiving a new CB from the AE. This modification was developed to provide Construction Reps the first opportunity to categorize the CB 'Reason Category' based on their knowledge of the issue in the field.

Automated Project Closeout, March 2005
Users Impacted: DSF PMs Admin, and Agency users

Enhanced AE Change Order, March 2005
Users Impacted: DSF PM and Admin users

Approved Small Project Notifications, January 2005
Users Impacted: PMs and Agency users
A minor modification was made in the routing of approved Small Project requests. All parties receiving Inbasket copies of 'approved' Small Projects will receive a Read-Only version of the Small Project Report. Previously, these users would receive an editable version of the report.